Couples’ Retreat Workshops

Below are the various workshops being offered to Couples as part of the convention. Check back regularly for workshop updates!

The following tantra workshops are produced and sponsored by Blissful Lotus, School of Loving Arts.

Tantra Sensory Foreplay:
This workshop will take a sensual journey of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Participants will learn how to seduce their partner using all the senses to create a foreplay experience of pure bliss and intensity. They will learn a Tantric technique of erotic play that involves various tactile and sensory objects as we teach them to travel along the body pleasure map. This will be a clothing optional workshop and we’ll also use seductive fruits, chocolate, honey & whipped cream, etc. and many other sensory treats.

Tantra 28 Days to Ecstasy:

  • A 28-Day Program to achieving Tantric Ecstasy with your partner.
  • Tantric exercises for conscious connection with yourself & your partner.
  • Learn how to extend your love making sessions to several hours by controlling your sexual
    energy, and learn the concept of “no goal lovemaking”
  • Explore new ways to deepen intimacy with Kama Sutra positions.  Kama Sutra Sex | Positions
    for Building Excitement | Positions for Emotional Connection
  • How to create multiple orgasms for you and your partner.

Multi-Orgasmic Couple:
This workshop is based in ancient Eastern erotic teachings, any man and woman can learn to become multi-orgasmic. It just takes a basic understanding of sexuality and some mental, emotional and physical techniques. A man becomes multi-orgasmic when he learns to separate orgasm from ejaculation; and a woman can become multi-orgasmic when she allows her body to follow her mind. Learning to be multi-orgasmic will take your sexual adventures to new heights and allow you to have a more fulfilling lovemaking experience with your partner.

o    Notes: Sexual stimulation and arousal will occur during the seminar between consenting adults

Secrets of the Oral Arts (for Couples):
Advanced oral instruction in Fellatio and Cunnilingus by teaching 5 Advanced Hand Techniques | Oral Sexercise Techniques | Instruction of 10 Advanced Oral Techniques | Including Deep Throating and how to avoid gagging | The Hamburglar and many more | 10 Rocket Booster Techniques | Learn the “Love Wand Seduction Ritual”

Kama Sutra Sex Positions & Other Tempting Treats:
The Kama Sutra, “The Science of Pleasure” is an ancient Indian sex manual of sexual practices, including embracing, kissing & even biting.

BDSM 101
What is BDSM (SM for short)? Is it kinky? What’s a kinky person? What does a kinky person do? And how do they do it?  Natioal Coalition for Sexual Freedom Chairperson, Leigha Fleming, teaches us what could happen if you took your deepest, darkest, richest, most delicious, naughtiest thoughts into the bedroom with you, and what your life would look like if you engaged more consciously in the exchange of your power.

SM is an excellent arena in which to explore the dynamic of power exchange. Your life is exactly that: yours, and when you learn how to share it with others, things can get mighty interesting. Whether you’re still in the early stages of your exploration or have some
experience under your belt, this introductory class will be sure to  enhance your play.

Other available workshops during the convention:

Women’s Sexuality

Men’s Sexuality

Swinging 101